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O’Beats is getting dirty to the new track from Ben R Saunders “What You’ve Done To Me” Ben R Saunders continues his unique crusade of original and infectious grooves with the impressive “What You’ve Done To Me”. Atmospheric pads interlock with a warm bass and Old Skool drums all of which is driven by a fantastic vocal that lifts the track to a higher level. Ben R Saunders has shown off his studio prowess by having recent tracks signed to prestigious labels such as Nervous, Deeptown and Rockforce to confirm his up and coming impact upon the Deep House scene.



Throttle - Inspire

A nice little mashup here from Monstercat’s Throttle.. 


The First Bass Is The Deepest (Dada Life Edit)

Hard electro melodies, screaming synths and a dubstep breakdown adhere to the Rules Of Dada!

Ansol & Dyro - Top Of The World (Dyro Dubstep Rework)

The truly impressive ‘On Top Of The World’ by Ansol and Dyro is back in a full flex Dubstep outfit. Heavy on the basses, gritty rattling synth work (Obeats approved)

Engine EarZ Experiment ftLena Cullen - Reach You

Maintaining the spaciousness of the Engine EarZ original, complete with Lena Cullen’s haunting voice, Killabits deliver a pounding and ferocious remake of this already epic track. 

Adrian LuxDamaged (Original Mix)

Featuring the wispy vocals of Alva Tång of the Swedish indie band Allvaret, Adrian adds a soft melodic riff with a smooth guitar progression and pop-like overtones creating the perfect amount of hype

Leventina - Hear Me (Original Mix)

Duo Leventina are back on track with their latest accomplished studio offering for Unreleased Digital. A delicate fusion of uplifting melodic developments and coordinated peak time digressions.. peak time banger

Capital CitiesSafe and Sound (Henrix & Darmon Remix

Miami based producer Henrix teamed up with newcomer Darmon to remix the Capital Cities hit song “Safe and Sound”. This remix strays from his hard hitting style and goes for the more progressive like feel

Fenech-Soler - Magnetic (Jakob Liedholm Remix)

  17 year old Swedish electro house producer, Jakob Liedholm hits us with a remix of  Fenech-Soler’s new single “Magnetic.” .Taking Duffy’s vocals and interspersing them with broad chords and pointed piano notes, Liedholm spins a bright progressive tune that carries the track’s vision to anthemic heights 

 By : Bass Legacy 

Our livers aren’t as grateful as our ears, but we don’t care. You know why? Because it’s the weekend, and it’s time to get down. You’ve worked your ass off, and we appreciate it.     #danceirresponsibly .. “Clayton” @themusicninja.com

A “Banger” stutter lead synth breaks in to a 808 feast.. serious bass  

A classic just got a clever remix for L.A Based producer duo GTA .. peak time dance floor tune.. needs subs not headphones  

solid production .. very laid back but killer flow.. O’beats Approved ;) 

A beautiful track from The Great Gatsby soundtrack remixed by French house producer Kulkid.. Nudisco vibes + great vocals = beach jam

Talented young producer XO delivers a killer original DNB production,  dynamic lead synth work an a great bass line make this tune one of my party tunes  

some light rasta vibes roll in to some fierce rhymes from Donald Glover… leading to a Trap bass-line that  turns the dace floor to mush.. bouncy 808’s an snappy hats galore 

Slight vocal tweaks an rolling bass in the intro highlight Flaxo’s skill..  The drop hits hard an the chopped “Drank” vocal panned is a great touch.. Second drop is a beast.. hi hats in all the right places 

Deep an soulful house music, great use of rhythm,drums an percussion to make this a quintessential summer tune

(Bonus Soulful house tune!  Charlie Boulala  -  Sonnenkind  ) 

Panda Bear’s gorgeous vocals are supported by layers of deep bass and interstellar synths. We’ll be hearing this one on beaches all summer
(Bonus!! Robert De Long- Golbal Concepts ( The Golden Pony remix)  Awesome synthy summer vibes)

I can’t get enough of these guys. This is Bass heavy deep house at it’s finest. I recommend big fat speakers for this but if you’re late-nighting it, some nice headphones will do. Turn up! Tune out! 

Really nice Piano blends its way in to some Jackson 5 era Micheal Jackson vocal loop eventually  building up to to a satisfying bouncy bass-line… guaranteed head nodding music 

In tech house fashion, Tinush makes this track mesmerizing, throwing in vocal samples here and there, while we bob our heads with delight.  The best part of the entire tune comes in with the horns. It reminds me a bit of the Star Wars bar scenes….more from Tinush - Zylinder ( O’beats Approved)

very nice deep house tune.. love the clockwork percussion an the distressed guitar loop 

Jacking house vibe with a classic Eminem vocal sample .. cant go wrong :) 

 W4W – Jonas Rathsman 

 When done right, Deep House hits your core like a well-toned woman.  The bass penetrates your soul, and everything slows down as you find yourself in a sensual groove.  The end result: a murky and deep warmth.

Thanks for reading enjoy your weekend an see you next week 
Bass Legacy & Obeats


Another glorious Hump Day :)

While dancing to this: We Are The Take - It’s Over Bit Funk Remix
Is that a young Robert Downey Jr? Regardless, Enjoy.

While dancing to this: We Are The Take - It’s Over Bit Funk Remix

Is that a young Robert Downey Jr? Regardless, Enjoy.


(via the-absolute-best-gifs)

TOO COOL - My phone now sounds absolutely gangster.  Marc Houle Ringtones.

Visit http://www.marchoule.net/audio/ and click on Ringtones

With the launch of his new website www.marchoule.net on January 28th, Marc will release one special Marc Houle ringtone every day of the first week.

The ringtones will be made available for iPhones and Android, and feature sounds from the Marc Houle classics such as Arrows, Edamame, Techno Vocals and Third in Trees, as well as his latest hits.

To download the Marc Houle ringtones be sure to check out http://www.marchoule.net/audio 

Kill The Noise mix. Enjoy.


Another GREAT mix from none other than Deejay Sneaks - Deep House Sneaks Volume 3




Track List

1) Amine, Edge, And, Pezzner, All, Night, Loop
2) Larse - So Long
3) Lana Del Rey BLUE JEANS MK Demin Dub Remix
4) A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray
5) Eats Everything Entrance Song
6) Yousef - Beg (Hot Since 82 Future Remix)
7) Justin Martin - Ruff Stuff
8) Hot Since 82 - Knee Deep In Louise
9) Julio Bashmore - Au Seve
10) Luca C & Brigante Feat. Ali Love - Different Morals
11) Hot Natured & Ali Love - Benediction

Listen to more Dj Sneaks Mix Cds - @sneakshousecloud

What. A. Song. 

Heard this randomly on Soundcloud - automatically started playing when I was listening to some Basskleph.

All I know is it caught me at the beginning and didn’t let go until the end.  So I investigated more of this Chillicious Free Compilation - and found both sides of spectacular collection of artists available for download, including abovementioned song, for free. Enjoy.

Want to laugh your ass off?


(via 2headedsnake)

Now you’re going to die.  Don’t listen to this song if you have a bunch of social media/skype chats going on - lots of sound effects from google and facebook chat, skype messages and other computer notifications are in the track.  Somehow, it works.  Enjoy.



(via obviouslysubtle)

This guy is killing it.  Follow @SneaksDJ on Twitter and while you’re there give some love to the @DeeperLoveEvent.  Over 16,000 plays in under 1 month on his 10,000 followers mix above.  Add it to your favs and stay tuned for more great stuff from Deep House DJ SNEAKS.’ Enjoy.

This guy is killing it.  Follow @SneaksDJ on Twitter and while you’re there give some love to the @DeeperLoveEvent.  Over 16,000 plays in under 1 month on his 10,000 followers mix above.  Add it to your favs and stay tuned for more great stuff from Deep House DJ SNEAKS.’ Enjoy.


Chill out to this amazingly relaxed mix from Compuphonic.  Love these guys. Enjoy.



Take a listen to his newest track, Taito, on the HypeMEnjoy.


New years, new beats, new favourite mixes.  This, so far, takes the cake for me in 2013.  Show some love and enjoy this mix from the collection of “Certified Jackin’” beats from ILL PHIL.

"Hi guys, this is my first mix of the new year. To make it special i teamed up with the legendary ‘Certified Jackin’ youtube channel to bring you something really exclusive! The mix is packed full of my newest tracks + loads of other unheard cuts from some of the scenes best producers. Enjoy, feedback is always welcome."